Swatch: Peripera Ink Airy Velvet (All 5 shades)

Tint me; Kiss me 🙂 

Pucker up with Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Liptints! 

I think I might have found my favourite lip tint for 2017 🙂 

Tint me; Tease me 💋

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What is Peripera? 

Under the wing of Club Clio, Peripera has a strong footing in the market of Seoul and has recently established in China. The brand is all about trendy, fun and cute makeup that is targeted at young girls~    

Also, I found something so cute and interesting about the brand name: “Peri”, a persian fairy carrying “pera” a magic pouch, and it turns into an attractive one.  OMG<<< How adorable is this? 🙂 

Let’s dive right into the product review & swatch!

PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet 💕 Review & Swatches #ontheblog 🌟🌟 #peripera #inkairy #inkairyvelvet #makeupwithlouise

“Petal-like lips; natural & delicate long-lasting softness”

I managed to get hold of all 5 shades when it first launched in April:

  • #01 Heart Grapefruit
  • #02 Pretty Orange Pink
  • #03 Sold Out Red
  • #04 Beautiful Coral Pink
  • #05 Elf Light Rose

Up-close ~

A soft velvety texture surfaces after the initial gloss wears off (see below for comparison: Top photo – initial application, slight glossy finish; Bottom photo – dabbed off a few times with tissue paper to reveal soft velvety finish)

PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet 💕 Review & Swatches #ontheblog 🌟🌟 #peripera #inkairy #inkairyvelvet #makeupwithlouise


My Thoughts: 

Airy, just like its name! Pure colour which is so pigmented and doesn’t settle into the fine lines of lips. The formula is somewhat like a moose texture which applies on so insanely smooth. Unlike most lip tints which are so drying on the lips, Peripera’s offers don’t dry out my lips even for a single bit! (This is important because my lips are dry AF… Also, ain’t no cute girls gonna love a dry chappy lip tints…) 

Even with my lips feeling kissy and pouty, the lip tints leave a super comfortable and vibrant soft airy matte finish 🙂  The colour stays on with incredible staining power and longevity. I’ve tried and tested the formula so many times… it survived after my late night McChicken meals and steamy hotpot dinners… The best part: since its a tint, the colour doesn’t transfer! 🙂

The applicator is sharp and precise, yet bendable 🙂 allowing me to draw on that perfect pout! 

PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet 💕 Review & Swatches #ontheblog 🌟🌟 #peripera #inkairy #inkairyvelvet #makeupwithlouise

These have gotta be the best lip tints that I’ve ever tried! I love wearing these to important events~ They never fail me~ 🙂 


  • Airy & Light
  • Pure colour – so vibrant & pigmented
  • Don’t settle into fine lines of lips
  • Incredible staining power
  • Very long-lasting 
  • Drugstore price


  • There’s nothing to complain about these lip tints! THEY ARE PERFECT!!! 🙂 


Hope my review helps! 🙂 Are you tempted yet? 

Also, Peripera is launching another 5 shades this Winter!

I’m so gonna get them all! 🙂 #LipstickAddict? HAHAHA. You can’t stop me! 






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