SWATCH: Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (All 6 shades)

It was love at first sight … 

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints are sure seductive! HAHA … 🙂  

I mean, how can anyone not fall in love with these little cute popsicles!

When these first launched in Singapore early in July, they were quickly sold out. Call it luck? I was shopping with Bae in town when I casually walked into Etude House (I swear there’s something magical about K-beauty stores that instantly draws me in… #MakeupAddict)… and saw the sales assistants arranging these onto the “new products rack” (it was probably the first few days that the collection was launched..) and… LOVE STRUCK… I was head over heels for these adorable tints even before I swatched them! 

Just a few photos to show how obsessed I am with these~ 

Even Teddy loves them! HAHAHA!! 

What took me so long to share about my thoughts and swatches of the amazing collection! HAHAHA, but better late than never?

A little about the Dear Darling Water Gel Tints:

“Water tint with amazing sweet shades inspired by the delight of summer and ice-cream that gives you extremely hydrated, refreshed, clear juicy lips.”

@etudehouse Dear Darling Water Gel Tints #etudehouse #lipstick #makeupwithlouise

@etudehouse Dear Darling Water Gel Tints #etudehouse #lipstick #makeupwithlouise

 My thoughts:

I love how these tints apply on so smoothly and watery. Unlike most tints which are drying on the lips, these water gel tints leave a moisturised finish on the lips. They also don’t settle into the fine lines of the lips. The tints apply on glossy. But once the gloss has worn off, the finish is a soft and natural look, mimicking delicately bitten lips… which I think of as super innocent and sexy 🙂  

However, the advantages of the formula also mean that the longevity of these lip tints do not compare with the typical tints which are long-lasting. Nonetheless, they still leave behind a decent hint of colour~  

So, if you are looking for an intense lip tint, this might not be right. But, if you want an inexpensive yet comfortable lip product which delivers hydration + vibrant and natural tint, then this is the perfect choice! 

@etudehouse Dear Darling Water Gel Tints #etudehouse #lipstick #makeupwithlouise

Another reason why I love the lip tints: the flexible yet precise applicator. I can create simple gradient lips while focusing the tip on the inwards of my lips, and slowly build up the intensity to bold lips with defined cupids bow.

Even with multiple coats, the lips don’t look harsh. Instead they appear so natural and watery~ just as its name promises!  

@etudehouse Dear Darling Water Gel Tints #etudehouse #lipstick #makeupwithlouise


  • Hydrating
  • Don’t settle into fine lines of lips
  • Bright pop of colour (makes me look youthful)
  • Buildable coverage
    • From gradient lips to intense and defined lips 
  • Sturdy and precise applicator for easy usage


  • Since its a watery and hydrating formula, the tint isn’t as long-lasting as other tints. 
    • However, this doesn’t bother me
    • I enjoy using them for easy days when i just need a hint of colours on my lips! 
      • In my opinion… There are other lip tints that Etude House has to address longevity~ But this collection is created just for its light yet hydrating purposes 🙂 So the series being not as long-lasting… is actually not a con, but a unique trait!! #MindFucked… AHAHAHA

Are you tempted yet?? 

Also, just last week, I walked into Etude House, to see these on sale~ I bought these at the original price SGD9.90 each, AND these are now SGD9.90 for 2!! WHAT??!!! If you haven’t got any, go get them right away!! 




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