Launch + DEMO: L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks

This November, L’Oréal Paris launched its new range of Pure Clay Masks~

Infused with natural mineral clay & botanical extracts, these masks are created to combat top concerns of young, urban skins (Hands up if your skin is dry/oily/dull!!). 

I used the word “combat” because it’s really a war!!! It’s me and my skin, against the the world of pores & toxins!! LOL… 😭

L'Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask (Illuminate, Detoxify, Anti-pores) ❤️ Review on #LorealParisSG #pureclaymask  #becauseweareallworthit #skincare #makeupwithlouise

The launch includes  3 different types of clay masks to tackle varying concerns: Detoxify, Anti-pores and Illuminating 

L'Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Masks ❤️ Review on #LorealParisSG #pureclaymask  #becauseweareallworthit #skincare #makeupwithlouise

See key product ingredients & properties + swatches below! 

Detoxify– Absorb impurities, purify and clarify the skin

Anti-pores – Control oil, minimise pores and reduce blackheads

Illuminating – Renew and brighten skin, and smoothen skin texture 

How to use? 

  • Apply thin layer of mask onto concerned areas (avoid the eyes!)
  • Let mask sit for ~10 minutes
    • leaving on mask for too long may dehydrate skin!! 
  • Rinse off mask 
  • Use about 1-2 times a week

My Thoughts:

Unlike the many clay masks that I’ve tried, these masks don’t make my skin feel dry or tight. This is an important consideration for me because I have dry skin.

😋 The formula feels light and breathable. They also apply on with a cooling sensation on the skin. I like to use all 3 in specific trouble spots (Anti-pore = T-zone; Illuminating = cheeks; Detoxify = Chin) so I can achieve optimal benefits in a single session. See below for DEMOAlso, I really like the glass jar packaging~ It’s so sleek!! Overall, these masks are fun and easy to use. I like how they give me a comfortable and self-pampering session in my home 💕

Hehehe 🙂 hope this blog post is useful for you!! I never thought putting masks can be so fun and entertaining HAHA! 😝

Stay tuned for more swatches of my newest makeup collection: BECCA Apres Ski Glow Face Palette / STILA Eye for Elegance Eyeshadow/ URBAN DECAY Highlighter & Heavy Metals / TOO FACED Just Peachy / HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting 3 ❤️



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