Spring, Los Angeles (#6) – Desert Road Trip (A day before Bae proposed…)

Continued from Parts: 1 (Intro) // 2 (Santa Monica) // 3 (Malibu) // 4 (Getty Villa, Malibu) // 5(Pacific Palisades)

Woke up pretty excited cos we were going on a road trip… Not just any road trip, but one that leads to SHOPPING!!! 

But first, coffee! (In my case, a freaking cold Midnight Mint Mocha… Honestly I’m salivating as my tastebuds recall that awesome drink… I miss it so much…)

My Midnight Mint Mocha!! (I think I drank at least one everyday in LA!! #AddictAtFirstSight)

Not forgetting some easy Chipotle ~

Cruising along the I-5, we began our 2hour ride toward Palm Springs… Every scene along the highway looks so dreamy. Here are some to share~ 

Giant hills in the desert landscape

the only place my mind can escape.

(HAHA, kidding… Not escaping anywhere except to shopping!)

And I finally arrived! 

Not forgetting some #OOTD amidst the insane shopping… 

Shopping was pretty hectic here at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets. So many brands to shop, but so little time!

Skies were darkening and we gotta leave for the night… Another ride toward our stay in the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. (Gotta admit that Bae is such a good navigator here in LA~ Looks like the years he spent here studying weren’t in vain! Even as a self-proclaimed professional & skilled driver here in Singapore, I find the LA roads a little tricky! Perhaps cos of the opposite hand drive and different traffic rules… Hehehe…) 

En route to our stay for the night

Sneaking a picture from the balcony of our hotel room~

I remembered that I was so exhausted from the shopping and road rides that I fell asleep quickly as soon as my head hit the pillow…

Little did I know that he was secretly planning his” mission” while I was away in dreamland…   

Read from Parts: (Intro) // 2 (Santa Monica) // 3 (Malibu) // 4 (Getty Villa, Malibu) // 5 (Pacific Palisades)



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