Swatch: Makeup Revolution NEW Liquid Highlighters (All 7 Shades)

Everyone is crazy about the iridescent & holographic glow 🦄 recently that so many brands are producing similar offerings. But which is the best? In terms of quality versus price, I think I might have just found my top pick! 😁 

Earlier in August, Makeup Revolution launched 7 shades of the NEW Liquid Highlighter~

What is it?

A series of extra dimension highly concentrated highlighters that enhance and give a luminous finish to the skin. ⭐️ The liquid formula can be easily mixed with primers or foundations for a natural subtle glow. For intense finish, simply apply on desired high points of face after foundation (areas like the cheekbones, cupids bow, under the brows and inner eye corners) 🙂 The coverage is buildable from a light luminosity to a strong and bold glow~ ❤️ 

Available in 7 shades for all skin tones: Unicorn Elixir, Starlight, Champagne, Luminous Gold, Lustre Gold, Rose Gold, and Bronze Gold

If you aren’t familiar with Makeup Revolution, it’s an affordable drugstore brand similar to Maybelline, Rimmel, L’Oreal… that is easily available in the United States and online sites. If you are wondering whether this is available in Singapore… Yes, Makeup Revolution is also selling in selected NTUC Fairprice (Sounds dubious, 😲 but it really is selling in our local supermarkets HAHAHA) 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters (All 7 Shades)

Before I continue writing… Don’t you think this product really looks like the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops? 👀 In terms of the glass packaging, Makeup Revolution’s new offering sure is similar to the highly raved Cover FX favourites. But at one sixth of Cover FX’s price, how does Makeup Revolution’s liquid highlighters fair?? 🤔💭 (Cover FX: around SGD68 each VS Makeup Revolution: around SGD12 each)

I’ll let you decide after seeing the swatches below~~  

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters (All 7 Shades): Swatches!

My Thoughts: 

WOW! Just mind blown!!! 😝 I mean, I would really say that these are absolutely fantastic (even more given its price). I’ve always been wary of liquid highlighters because they tend to catch onto my dry skin. 😱 But these liquid highlighters are almost out of the world! Although the pigmentation is buildable to an intense one, the formula glides on so lightly and smoothly. It also doesn’t catch onto my dry skin. ✅ 

If I were to compare these with the Custom Enhancer drops, I would say that the finish of the Makeup Revolution highlighters are similar, except for Unicorn Elixir. All shades have a fine and ‘expensive’ shimmery glow, except for Unicorn Elixir which has a coarser glitter finish. 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter: Stardust

Deciding on which shades to get can be quite a chore, so I got all 7 shades!! HAHAHA, excuses of a makeup addict… Some of these shades aren’t even suitable as a highlight for my NC15 skin… 😯But I enjoy using the darker shades (especially Rose Gold) on my eyelids as a liquid eyeshadow! The finish is a glowing eyelid similar to a ‘wet’ glossy finish 🙂 I like to layer powder eyeshadow above for a more intense look.  🌟

Have you tried this yet? Which is your fav shade? 




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