Spring, Los Angeles (#4) – Getty Villa, Malibu

Continued from Parts: 1 (Intro) // 2 (Santa Monica) // 3 (Malibu) // 5 (Pacific Palisades)


If you could turn back time,

is there anything you would have changed?  

My favourite travel watch from Burberry! 😍 I’m so sad that Burberry stopped producing watches 😝



Sometimes I wish I could

travel back in time. 

Not that I wanna change anything, 

but only that I want to experience some feelings again.  


Getty Villa

I took time to wonder, wander, and immerse in the rich culture of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria here at the villa.


Yolk-yellow daffodils peeking out from the blossoming colourful blooms,

as they sashay in the cooling morning breezes.


Graced by the fluffiest clouds I’ve ever seen,

the sky seems so clear and never-ending. 


Oh, my heart and soul touched,

by enchanted gardens everywhere! 


Getty Villa Outer Peristyle: The fountains were under repair when I was there! 🙃 Still beautiful nonetheless 🙂


Bae and I frolicking in the tranquil garden!


Certain feelings that I wanna experience again

Jollity and merriment, definitely. 

And of course, a succulent Korean BBQ! An extra garlic-ky grilled one please!! 😋😋

Bud Namu Korean BBQ: Just look at that juicy pork belly!!!


Bud Namu Korean BBQ: Beef briskets and more pork belly!!







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