Spring, Los Angeles (#2) – Santa Monica


En route to Santa Monica Beach on a breezy morning!


Continued from Parts: 1 (Intro) //  3 (Malibu) // 4 (Getty Villa) // 5 (Pacific Palisades)


Picturesque seaside

with you, by my side


Leaving our prints in the sand 

As we enjoy our stroll down the beach end 


Filtered sunlight, gentle breeze

Such is simple bliss! 


Trails of seagull footprints! 

Always dreamt about seeing the iconic ferris wheel, which sits just above the Pacific Ocean waters. So finally being able to come here is just indescribable!  

Perhaps I was too immersed in my surroundings that I forgot to take photos of the pier!! Honestly, I’m still feeling a little regretful ~ HAHAHA these cozy moments spent on the beach, enjoying the sun and winds before we drove off to yet another majestic place 🙂  



Sneaking a shot with the ferris wheel, Santa Monica
Stealing glances at Bae! 


Read on Parts: 3 (Malibu) // 4 (Getty Villa) // 5 (Pacific Palisades)



Love, Louise



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