Launch + DEMO: ORBIS Powder Wash + , Care-na Hot Cool Gel & Aqua Peeling Gel


WHAT?? Have I finally found the solution to minimising my (OMG so big) pores?? 

This October, ORBIS launches 3 new products for deep pore cleansing ~

  1. Powder Wash + : Enzyme foam wash for clogged pores
  2. Aqua Peeling Gel : Gentle hydrating exfoliator
  3. Care-na Hot Cool Gel : Removes blackheads & refines pores 

If you haven’t heard of ORBIS, it is a 100% OIL-FREE skincare pioneer from Japan. ORBIS focuses on using science to create intelligent skincare products that reveal healthy radiant skin.

Another plus point of these 3 launches is that they are all fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and free of artificial colours!

Are you excited about these already?? Let’s begin! (Click on headers to ORBIS official website)


Powder Wash + (50g, SGD25)

ORBIS Powder Wash +  How to use: (1) Use 2-4 times per week (2) After removing makeup, take an appropriate amount onto palm (3) Add water (4) Whip using fingers into creamy foam –> massage foam gently onto damp skin –> Rinse thoroughly

What is it? A deep pore cleanser (powder) that tackles old keratin and sebum components of keratin plugs that clog pores. The powder dissolves and lathers, creating a fluffy and creamy foam texture. This foam texture is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin.  

Key Ingredients:

  • Protease – to break down old keratin (dead skin cells)
  • Lipase – to break down sebum (oil) 
  • Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extract  – to improve moisture and firmness 

How is this better than other conventional cleansers? 

According to ORBIS, “ordinary facial cleansing is unable to remove keratin plugs stuck within your pores. Keratin plugs are formed from hardened sebum and accumulated old keratin over time. In order to effectively break down stubborn keratin plugs, you need to step up your facial cleansing routine with greater cleansing power that thoroughly cleanses your pores”.


  • Unlike many other deep pore cleansers which tend to strip skin of moisture, this creamy foam gently cleanse the pores while maintaining moisture for smooth and silky skin. 

My thoughts: 

Wow I’m really impressed by this product. It’s rare that I can find a deep pore cleanser that is not drying after use. After the first use, my skin feels so soft and smooth. There really isn’t any cons that I can think of as far. Wetting and lathering this Powder Wash + is pretty fun too~ 


Aqua Peeling Gel (120g, SGD28)

ORBIS Aqua Peeling Gel. How to use: (1) Use 1-2 times per week after facial wash. Pat face dry before use (2) Spread cherry-sized amount onto face. Avoid eye contour areas, eyebrows, hairline (3) Gently massage in circular motions. Rinse off dead cell clumps.

What is it? Mild gel consisting at least 80% of Aqua Mineral Moist Base (contains deep ocean water). This gel exfoliates old, dry and hard skin cells with moisture, allowing for easier removal without tugging the skin. React Catch Fiber reacts with them to transform into flaky mass. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Deep ocean water – nourishes skin with minerals
  • Apricot juice – breaks down old skin cells
  • Hyaluronic acid – improves hydration and firmness 

How is this better than other conventional cleansers? 

According to ORBIS: “unlike chemical peels, this gentle formulation reacts only with superfluous impurities that have risen to the surface without stripping away essential parts of the corneal layer while providing moisture and boosting the penetration of facial lotion used in the next step of your skincare regime. Regular use banishes dullness and roughness for smooth translucent skin”.

Well, this special quality also sums up the Pros of this product~ 

My thoughts: 

After the first use, I am really liking this Aqua Peeling Gel. It applies on so smoothly and comfortably. I didn’t feel any tugging of the skin as I massage it onto my face. And when I saw all these flaky white dead skin mass, I was like OMG (GONNA PUKE) COS MY DEAD SKIN IS LIKE FREE?!!! (Forgive my bad english… hahaha but you know what I mean!) Seeing all that dead skin flake away can be quite satisfying and addictive (Modern day hobby??) My skin was so soft and supple after~ 

Care-na Hot Cool Gel, Renewed Formula (60g, SGD23)


Care-na Hot Cool Gel. How to use: (1) Use 1-2 times per week after face wash onto dry face. Take pearl size amount of gel. (2) Massage onto problem areas (T zone, wings of nose and chin) in circular motion. Massage for 5-10 seconds before rinsing off.

What is this? An innovative warm and cool gel that gently cleanses pores and removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads without stressing the skin.

3 main stages: (1) Pre-care warming to stimulate a steamed towel effect to dilate pores for deep pore cleansing, (2) Unclog pores (3) Post-care cooling effect to shrink pores. 

Key Ingredients: 

This Renewed formula includes twice the amount of Charcoal Powder and three types of scrubs to loosen and remove hardened sebum.

  • Hamamelis leaf extract – firm and tone skin over time
  • Hyaluronic Acid & Permeable Collagen – moisturise the skin, preventing dryness common in pore products

My OVERALL thoughts:

These products are truly unique~ How often do you come across a powder face cleanser! I am really impressed by how these ORBIS products do the job while being gentle on the skin~ I really think these could become my holy grails for a flawless complexion! 


These products are already available at all ORBIS counters and stores (online stores too~)

Thanks for reading this lengthy review~ I hope it helps you choose the right products to keep your pores under control!

Love, Louise


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