I’m back! 

I took a long break from the social life on my blog to rediscover love, passion, and everything that I have taken for granted.

It’s been 8 months since my last post. These 8 months, I travelled and wandered.

I reconnected with the feelings that I neglected while I was busy and silly catching up with the social media life.

8 months, 5 milestones
Getting proposed to; Completing my Master of Business Adminstration; Buying a condominium; Getting married; Hitting 10k followers on Instagram

This short hiatus from blogging, I would appreciate for a long time. Being stronger, more independent and finally understanding what I want in life 🙂

2017 is passing by too quickly; but I don’t want time to pause

I was once lost, but now, I have found my purpose in life. To inspire, to bravely be in love and to protect my loved ones. I just cannot wait for life to unfold with happiness and bliss.

🙂 A big thank you to you, my reader and follower, for your continuous support while I was away~ I hope you have been well! Moving forward, I will be blogging about makeup and lifestyle more actively! So stay tuned!




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