Review + Swatches: YSL Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain

A confession of yet another lipstick addict… Many of you have asked about the lip colours I’ve been wearing a lot recently. It ain’t no secret anymore ~ Sharing with you my addiction (could be yours too!) at the moment: YSL Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain series ~

Luminous | Gorgeous | Sensual ~  First words that most appropriately describe the Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain collections. Once you get your hands on any one of them, you  become hooked! Well, that’s my case at least 😦 Feel my struggles too? 🙂


If you are a YSL lipstick addict like me, you probably are already familiar with the different Vernis À Lèvres glossy stain collections: Rebel Nudes and Pop Water. Both collections promise long wearing formula and hydrating property (A great plus point since most other lip-stains tent to dry-up the lips). Being introduced more recently compared to Rebel Nudes, Pop Water collection offers a more intense luminosity, almost mimicking watery brilliance as its name suggests. But don’t freak out yet! The watery intensity doesn’t appear too harsh, nor glaring, unlike the other conventional lipgloss. Instead, this luminosity reflects supple, well-hydrated, plump and pouty lips 🙂 Qualities be evident of youthful lips. That being said, Rebel Nudes aren’t inferior to Pop Water in any way. Both collections offer really different shades! While Pop Water offers mainly more innocent and bright pink/coral shades, Rebel Nudes offer more sophisticatedly mature bright/dark red shades. It’s really only a matter of which shade flatters you most 🙂

Summary of Rebel Nudes VS Pop Water:

Pop Water:

  1. Launched more recently than Rebel Nudes
  2. Intense watery brillance
  3. Offers mostly soft colours: pink & coral shades
  4. Suitable for everyday casual wear

Rebel Nudes:

  1. Intense colour tones: bright red and bold red
  2. Glossy, nevertheless, but less shine (quite subtle) than Pop Water
  3. Suitable for more professional events, or even a hot date night!

Common PROS of Pop Water and Rebel Nudes:

  1. Hydration
  2. Glossy (Juicy shine, not glittery)
  3. Long-lasting (The colour remains on lips even after the gloss wears off (from eating… kissing (ops! kissing my puppy)… or just being careless!) 🙂 )
  4. Great pigmentation in just a single swipe
  5. Buildable intensity with more applications
  6. Light-weighted on lips
  7. Unique triangular and slanted applicator with soft bristles for perfect precision on every application


  1. A little on the pricy edge though (SGD$50). But these are really good investments, for both their great long-lasting formulation, and protection (hydration) that they offer for your lips~ Trust me, having lip-stains on dried and cracked lips are the last thing you want!

——– So, there really isn’t any CONS that I can think of! ———

Now, swatches of my mini collection:

  1. Rebel Nude –  #103 Pink No Taboo
  2. Pop Water – #205 Pink Rain
  3. Rebel Nude – #105 Corail Hold Up
Left to Right: Rebel Nude – #103 Pink No Taboo; Pop Water – #205 Pink Rain; Rebel Nude – #105 Corail Hold Up
Left to Right: (Rebel Nude – #103 Pink No Taboo; Pop Water – #205 Pink Rain; Rebel Nude – #105 Corail Hold Up)

Reviews of individual shades: 

Rebel Nude –  #103 Pink No Taboo: A fiery bold red shade that complements the medium-fair skin tones perfectly. Great for any occasions when you wanna feel sexy yet sophisticated. Don’t worry about red lipstick getting smudged all over your pearly white teeth again, the staying power of this shade is unbelievable!

Pop Water – #205 Pink Rain A cute barbie pink shade, screaming innocence yet playfulness. A single swipe in the day for youthful and demure look; Layer on in the night for flirty and mischievous girly look! 

Rebel Nude – #105 Corail Hold Up: A reddish coral shade carrying hints of fine golden specks that glistens when light hits on them! Giving a subtle added dimension to the lips too. Definitely a great shade for those days when you just wanna dress casual!

I hope this review helps! 🙂 These lip-stains have been my greatest weapon to coverup my dried and thin lips! ~ I am already tempted to buy more other shades from the collections!! Do you own any? Share your thoughts with me!  


Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not sponsored. I purchased them. Opinions stated are my own.

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