Review + Swatches: Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

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A lipstick addict myself, I always believe that a girl can never have too many lipsticks! But that being said, QUALITY lipsticks are what you should invest in~ A good lipstick should not only provide true colour, but also contain benefits to ensure that your lips do not age prematurely!

Here’s sharing with you my addiction at the moment: CLINIQUE Pop Lip Colour + Primer

Clinique Pop Colour Lipstick + Primer (Top: 14 Plum Pop; Bottom: 01 Nude Pop, 04 Beige Pop, 05 Melon Pop)
Swatch from top to bottom: 05 Melon Pop, 04 Beige Pop, 01 Nude Pop, 14 Plum Pop
  • 01 Nude Pop– a low, pearl pinkish nude
  • 04 Beige Pop – a light, pinkish nude 
  • 05 Melon Pop – a light, light creamy peach
  • 14 Plum Pop a soft, neutral plum

01 Nude Pop and 04 Beige Pop look similar in shade. But they are subtly distinguished when applied on different skin tones. I feel that on darker skin tone, 01 Nude Pop flatters better than 05 Beige Pop; here, shade 05 looks too pale (almost like a concealer!); while on fairer skin tone, both shades flatter, with 05 being only slightly lighter than 01. These nude shades are perfect for both smoky-eye and a natural light makeup, without erasing the lips.

05 Melon Pop is my latest addition, and I simply love it! The peachy shade goes well with both light and heavy makeup looks. It hints of a flirty yet shy look, perfect for a day out with your date 🙂

14 Plum Pop is a tricky colour, I would say. At first glance, you would think that the plum colour adds on maturity to the entire look, perhaps, not so suitable for young makeup look~ But interesting, when applied together with a dark smoldering eye makeup, this lip colour evokes a sense of mystery, not sultry but funky, something that you would like to achieve the grunge beauty look.

I adore how smoothly these lipsticks glide onto my lips. Surprising, despite the bold and pigmented formula, the lipsticks hold a weightless feel. The lipsticks are long wearing, and my lips still feel moisturised for the entire day. A trick to make the lipstick “stain” the lips is, to apply double coats, dab off excess with tissue paper, re-apply a third coat, and apply a little loose powder onto the lips.

In summary, PROS: 

  1. Bold and Pigmented colour upon first application
  2. Weightless formula
  3. Smooth application
  4. Demi Matte Finish
  5. Moisturising despite wearing for hours
  6. Primer + Lipstick in a single formula! Wooohoo~
  7. 100% fragrance free (Cheers! That’s what I love so much about Clinique)

Whether you are a girl who’s adventurous and loves bold colours, or a girl who’s more inclined with to neutral colours, this collection holds 16 colours to help you achieve your desired look 🙂 Retailing at $33 each in Clinique counters / $26 at Shila Duty Free, I feel that the lipsticks are quite worth the purchase. The  “conservative” and simple packaging may not be to your liking as compared to other fancy brands like YSL, Dior… But I love how sturdy and compact it is, so light and easy to carry around!


I hope that this post helps you understand the collection better! Goodnight~ xoxo


Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not sponsored. I purchased them. Opinions stated are my own 🙂


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